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  • Five fabulous study books for flute

    Five fabulous study books for flute

    Need a practice re-set? Look no further than these imaginative studies guaranteed to get you thinking! Aleksey Igudesman: Magical Spells for Solo Flute These ten short pieces are really quite difficult and they are certainly different. There are some that require good tonal inflection, such as ‘Open Sesame!’ others like’ Izzy wizzy, lets get busy!’ […]

  • Benjamin Godard Waltz: Practice Tips

    Benjamin Godard Waltz: Practice Tips

    Here are my practice tips for the tricky, yet wonderfully joyful Waltz (Valse) by Godard, from his Suite de Trois Morceaux. Here’s a video of me demonstrating the exercises given below. Waltz character From the 1st bar, the character is exuberant and joyous. There are many examples of Waltzes in classical music. Some are more serene […]

  • Saint-Saëns Romance: practice tips

    Saint-Saëns Romance: practice tips

    The Romance by Camille Saint-Saëns is one of my absolute favourite pieces – full of warmth and charm and not without its challenges. I recently did a warm-up video for the British Flute Society‘s Warm up Wednesday series and used some simple warm-up exercises centred around this piece. So, here is a blog to give […]

  • A “pressing” issue

    A “pressing” issue

    To press or not to press? That is the question for many flute players, especially in the early stages of learning, and there are a few different opinions on this which I would like to discuss and offer my own thoughts. When we are first taught the flute, we are told to blow across the […]

  • Chaminade Concertino – Practice Tips

    Chaminade Concertino – Practice Tips

    Following on from my Taffanel blog, here is a practice guide for another great French work: Chaminade’s Concertino. This piece is played a lot, but quite often with some important details overlooked. As I say to my students, “don’t be an overlooker”! I will also give some tips for practising some of the tricky passages. […]

  • “What Should I be Practising?”

    “What Should I be Practising?”

    Learning the flute (or any musical instrument) is not always a smooth process of steady improvement. We all learn in different ways with our own strengths and weaknesses, so there will be times when things can get frustrating if one feels they are not improving as much as they would like. Other factors also affect […]