Author: Ashley Myall

  • Haynes Flute Serial Numbers

    Haynes Flute Serial Numbers

    This list is not completely accurate, as Haynes serial numbers are not necessarily in chronological order. For example, serial number 50,000 should have been made in 1995, but was actually made in 1988. As such, use this chart as a very rough guide only – if you need accurate information, contact Haynes directly. Serial Number…

  • Louis Lot Flute Serial Numbers

    Louis Lot Flute Serial Numbers

    Below is a list of the serial numbers of flutes produced by the great French flute maker Louis Lot. From 1887, metal flutes were given even serial numbers, while wood flutes had odd numbers. There are no records of wood flute serial numbers after 1891. Metal Flutes Serial Number(end of year) Year of Manufacture 72…