Five pieces for Two Flutes and Piano that will make you smile.

Playing music for two flutes and piano is a real treat and here are five of the best.

Johannes Brahms arranged William Bennett: Sixteen Waltzes Op 39 for Two Flutes and Piano

This book is wonderful. Eight familiar Brahms waltzes have been arranged as only Wibb can, with tonal colour being really important throughout. The attention to detailed phrasing is clear to see and the addition of the alto flute adds an extra dimension .  The various instrumental combinations make the book even more interesting and the music wraps round you in a warm glow. Wonderful Brahms, wonderful Wibb! Difficulty Guide: 6-8

Eric Ewazen: Eternal Spring (A Hudson River Idyll) for Two Flutes and Piano

Eric Ewazen can certainly write a good tune and this is a really lovely piece that captures the sense of hope that is the end of winter. The cascades of piano notes that introduce the opening flute melody comes straight from the heart of American musical language and this piece is really a series of snapshots of the countryside crossed by Hudson River on its journey towards the sea in the Spring. Substantial and varied, it makes a great recital piece. Difficulty Guide: 8

JS Bach arranged Elisabeth Parry: Four Arias from the Passions for Two Flutes and Piano

It’s such a great idea to introduce four of the great arias from the Bach Passions by arranging them in this combination. Sensitive arrangements mean that the music looks accessible on the page and the editing has been kept simple. Breathing problems have also been largely eliminated, leaving that challenge for the real thing at a later date. This book is a real treat and you will return to it every Easter time for years. Difficulty Guide: 7-8

Liesa Norman: Purple Phobia for Two Flutes and Piano with optional bass

This is a jazz duet – a relative rarity in the repertoire for this combination. The quirky harmonies will keep you on your toes and there are opportunities for improvisation, which can either be cut or extended according to the situation. It’s all very playable with the bonus that the piano part could easily be played by a good student. Something different certainly. Difficulty Guide 7-8

Marin Rabadan: Cassiopeia for Two Flutes and Piano

Cassiopeia is a Greek myth and here Marin Rabadan tells the story through a wonderful duet. The two flutes glide their way through elements such as beauty and punishment, mostly in complete harmony but with plenty of flourishes and a lot of notes. The piano part is substantial which adds another dimension to the power of the narrative. This is something completely different! Difficulty Guide: 7-8


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