Author: Adam Clifford

  • Flute Essentials: Cleaning and Maintenance Accessories

    Flute Essentials: Cleaning and Maintenance Accessories

    There are masses of accessories designed for cleaning your flute and keeping it in top playing order. Here’s our round-up of what we suggest that very flute (and piccolo) player should have in their cleaning arsenal.

  • Autumnal Music for Flute

    Autumnal Music for Flute

    Embrace the changing seasons with these warm autumnal treasures. Autumn in Homeland for Solo Flute by Anže Rozman This piece was written for Slovenian flutist Matej Zupan, and was premiered, by him, at the San Francisco Flute Festival 2010. The piece is nostalgic in nature and describes a summer that is slowly transforming into autumn;…

  • Powell Flute Serial Numbers

    Powell Flute Serial Numbers

    Below is a list of the serial numbers of handmade flutes produced by Verne Q Powell Flutes. Please note that this does not relate to ‘Commercial’ models. Serial Number(end of year) Year of Manufacture 26 1927 57 1928 110 1929 166 1930 190 1931 207 1932 221 1933 237 1934 258 1935 289 1936 331…

  • CITES Regulations of Wooden Instruments – Update

    CITES Regulations of Wooden Instruments – Update

    On 28 August 2019, the CITES Convention voted to exclude the trade of musical instruments from the list of controlled items. This is welcome relief for both customers and retailers, as it reduces both the cost of purchase and delivery times of both new and pre-owned instruments crossing borders. It also means that musicians travelling…

  • NFA 2018 Newly Published Flute Music Competition Winners

    The results of the 2018 National Flute Association Newly Published Music Competition are in! Here’s the run-down of the winning titles by category. Flute and Piano Winner Georg Philipp Telemann – Sonata for Flute and Basso Continuo, TWV 41:h4 (Wiener Urtext Edition) Telemann’s Sonata (Solo) for transverse flute and basso continuo comes from his ‘Tafelmusik’…

  • Important New Regulations on Wooden Instruments

    Important New Regulations on Wooden Instruments

    Update December 2019: CITES regulations no longer apply to musical instruments. In January 2017, new rules came into force regarding the wood used to make some musical instruments. We’ve put the following advice together which we recommend reading carefully as it may affect you and your instrument. What’s happening? From January 2nd 2017 new regulations…

  • 8 Top Tips on Testing a New Flute

    8 Top Tips on Testing a New Flute

    Adam Clifford looks at the best way to test a new flute, what exercises to try and what to look for when choosing.

  • 7 tips on choosing a beginner flute

    Buying your first flute can be daunting: there are so many different makes, models and types of flutes available, and the price range can be huge. Below, we’ve compiled our top tips to help a complete newcomer decide on a new flute.

  • Hidden Histories: Being a Flute Detective

    Hidden Histories: Being a Flute Detective

    Whenever we get older second hand instruments for sale, we try and research a little about its history and background; sometimes the maker is obscure and there isn’t much information around, but occasionally a fascinating story is revealed. Often more than a little detective work is required to find an instrument’s story.

  • An Interview with Gareth Davies

    An Interview with Gareth Davies

    The following interview with London Symphony Orchestra Principal Flute Gareth Davies interview was originally posted on Principal Chairs. He talks about everything from the LSO to auditions, colleagues in the orchestra, preparing for auditions, his Royal College of Music teaching appointment and his new book about the LSO on tour. Hi Gareth! Thanks for coming…