Five beautiful flute pieces to soothe the soul

Sometimes only a good tune will do and here is a collection of real stunners. Escape from this crazy world to a place of calm and tranquility!

Destiny by Amanda Jane Fox

If you love a good tune, look no further than this gem from Amanda Jane Fox. This is easy listening at its best – a glorious melody and flowing accompaniment which wows audiences instantly. It’s not too difficult either so a winner on every level!

Eugene Magalif: Romance

This is a contemporary piece of music that sounds unmistakably romantic! The E minor key takes us to a world of melancholy where a sustained melody is accompanied by a simple chordal figure. Inevitably the mood darkens at the piu mosso before returning to a wistful conclusion. Beautiful!

Jake Heggie: Soliloquy

The American composer Jake Heggie is best known for his operas, so he knows how to pen a good melody. These skills are brought to bear here – Soliloquy is an absolutely lovely piece which could have been written for the voice. The opening performance direction is like a cry and the striking piano writing adds to the plaintive flute melody. This gives way to a cantabile tune marked tenderly which is much more Romantic in style. A faster section moves the piece on briefly before the da capo reprises the opening. A running time of about four and a half minutes makes this an ideal interlude in any recital programme. Do try it – you won’t be disappointed.

Nigel Wood: Rainbow Song

This charming piece by Nigel Wood is simply a lovely melody floating over a twinkling accompaniment. The central section is a little more structured with some syncopation, but the opening soon returns to weave its magic. It’s all very approachable with repeated material up an octave to add variety and a sensible note and key range. Feel-good music for everyone!

Gary Schocker: Little Flower

This is such a good piece! Gary Schocker has kept it simple, writing a tune that will stick around in your head for days! The catchy flip in the rhythm gives it a lovely wistful character and this is always echoed in the accompaniment. The brief central section extends the flute range up to a top B before a return to the theme and an enigmatic cascade of notes to finish. The whole piece is utterly delightful and a must for tune-lovers!




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