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  • 8 Top Tips on Testing a New Flute

    8 Top Tips on Testing a New Flute

    Adam Clifford looks at the best way to test a new flute, what exercises to try and what to look for when choosing.

  • 7 tips on choosing a beginner flute

    Buying your first flute can be daunting: there are so many different makes, models and types of flutes available, and the price range can be huge. Below, we’ve compiled our top tips to help a complete newcomer decide on a new flute.

  • In My Opinion

    In My Opinion

    For many years now there has been an issue in the British flute world that has been allowed to continue unchecked and I feel that is time that someone with a contrasting view voices an opinion.

  • Scales: An Incomplete Look at What Every Flutist Should Know

    Scales: An Incomplete Look at What Every Flutist Should Know

    What’s in a scale? More to the point, what’s in “the Cooper scale”? This short primer on scale—and why every flutist needs to understand its importance— includes a heartfelt appeal for the open information-sharing that defined the character of the late Albert Cooper.

  • The Ultimate Flute Headjoint?

    The Ultimate Flute Headjoint?

    Robert Dick is an internationally renowned American flautist and composer nicknamed ‘the Hendrix of the flute’ due to his ability to create effects similar to electric guitar and push the boundaries of conventional flute playing. He was inspired by Hendrix’s creativity from a very young age and desired to match the sound and abilities of…

  • Open G#: To open, or not to open?

    If you look at your flute, you will find that all the keys are sprung open except for D#, G# and the trill keys. The reason for this is that Theobald Boehm, the inventor of the mechanism on the modern flute, designed the keywork on the principle that all the keys should be open, and…