Five showstoppers for four flutes!

Playing flute quartets is a great idea and if you choose these spectacular pieces you’ll have just so much fun!

Gary Schocker: Coffee Nerves for Four C Flutes

This quartet is fast and furious, and will result in a breathtaking display of virtuoso flute playing. It’s great fun to play, sounds amazing and your audience will be delighted! Difficulty Guide: 8-9

Benedikt Brydern: Travel Diaries – five easy pieces for flute quartet

This is great for four good young flute players who will love exploring the various ways of travel. Each movement has a quite different character ranging from a train journey to a balloon ride and the bonus is that they all work well as single pieces. Happiness all round! Difficulty Guide: 5-6

Sarah Bassingthwaighte: Echoes of the Ancients for Four Flutes

This stunning quartet is based on the melodies of Native American music. The feeling of space conveyed in both is wonderful, with textures building and ebbing away. Unexpected, it will add an extra dimension to any recital! Difficulty Guide: 6-7

arranged Roland Kernan: Disney Songs for Flute Quartet

These sparkling arrangements of Disney hits are such fun and it’s so good to be able to play this popular music. Each one has a different challenge which is really useful and everything works for larger numbers. You can never have too much Disney! Difficulty Guide: 5-7

Stephanie Wagner: Four Flutes Grooving

This is one for all those who love to beatbox! The bass line is the star of the show here, holding the groove together, and the rhythms are exactly as you would expect from the title. Finger challenges will be of your own making in the space for a jamming session. It’s addictive and fun, and if you are completely at home in this style you’ll absolutely love it!


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