Year: 2014

  • 6 Christmas Books That Your Flute Choir Should Own

    6 Christmas Books That Your Flute Choir Should Own

    Looking for music for your flute choir’s Christmas concert? We’ve hand picked six great festive books that every flute choir should own.

  • Not So Shiny Silver

    Not So Shiny Silver

    We are often asked in the shop: “why has my new flute turned black?” One moment your silver flute is nice and shiny. The next, a cloudy colour all over. What’s going on here? Silver. Chemical symbol Ag, atomic number 47. Used for thousands of years in ornaments, utensils, trade, and as the basis for […]

  • Publisher Profile: Tetractys Publishing

    Publisher Profile: Tetractys Publishing

    Tetractys Publishing is the brainchild of Carla Rees, home to her own compositions and arrangements as well as the many pieces that have been written for her. The range of material on offer here is vast. Obviously the catalogue is heavily weighted towards contemporary music for low flutes as this is Carla’s main area of […]

  • The Whole Musician: Becoming Happy, Healthy Musicians

    The Whole Musician: Becoming Happy, Healthy Musicians

    Are you inclined to criticize yourself for the smallest things? Are you overly concerned about what others think of you and your playing? Are you fearful of getting it wrong? Are you stuck in a rut? It is very likely that we all have some emotionally charged reactions to these questions in some form or another. Their effect on our musical lives can shape our playing and alter the pure enjoyment we can attain from one simple note.

  • Publisher Profile: Trübcher Publishing

    Publisher Profile: Trübcher Publishing

    Roz Trübger, founder of Trübcher Publishing, is very enterprising and clearly loves the flute. She has an impressive catalogue of music to her credit with a wide spread of titles. Educational resources, obscure repertoire and ensemble music are her three main niches, and every book has either an accompanying CD or an online audio clip […]

  • Composer Profile:  Wil Offermans

    Composer Profile: Wil Offermans

    Wil Offermans is one of the most interesting composer/performers active in the flute world today. His music uses sounds and textures to explore different worlds and is flexible enough to be played in many different ways. Ethnic influences, particularly from Japan are very evident and his imaginative writing is very appealing for both performer and listener alike.