Month: September 2020

  • Let’s Hear it for the Women! Five Essential Flute Works by Female Composers

    I wanted to write a blog post to celebrate the talents of five ladies who have written some wonderful flute music for us. Music to gladden the heart and lift the spirits! Sonata No 1 for Flute and Piano by Eugénie R Rocherelle It’s great to find a piece of new music of a medium […]

  • Autumnal Music for Flute

    Autumnal Music for Flute

    Embrace the changing seasons with these warm autumnal treasures. Autumn in Homeland for Solo Flute by Anže Rozman This piece was written for Slovenian flutist Matej Zupan, and was premiered, by him, at the San Francisco Flute Festival 2010. The piece is nostalgic in nature and describes a summer that is slowly transforming into autumn; […]

  • Finding resonance on the flute

    Finding resonance on the flute

    “How do I get a big sound?” is often a question students will ask. Indeed, developing one’s sound and dynamic range is part of a musician’s daily practice. So, apart from blowing more, what can we do as flute players to get a bigger sound? Well, it’s all about resonance. Resonance is the quality in […]