Let’s Hear it for the Women! Five Essential Flute Works by Female Composers

I wanted to write a blog post to celebrate the talents of five ladies who have written some wonderful flute music for us. Music to gladden the heart and lift the spirits!

Sonata No 1 for Flute and Piano by Eugénie R Rocherelle

It’s great to find a piece of new music of a medium level of difficulty that will appeal to everyone. It’s tuneful with a flowing opening movement, a simple melodic Andante and a rousing Allegro to finish. Approachable music with that ‘feel-good’ factor!

Recommended for: Grades 5-7

Sonata in G minor for Flute and Piano by Miriam Hyde

This is a beautiful flute sonata by the Australian composer Miriam Hyde. Worth the purchase price for the Andante Pastorale alone, this movement is beautifully expressive with long flute lines rising and falling with a wistful sense of longing. The fast movements both have quirky rhythms which are full of character and charm. If you’re looking for something new and tuneful this is a great option.

Recommended for: Grade 8

Fanmi Imèn – Poem for Flute and Piano by Valerie Coleman

This is a super imaginative piece from the American composer-player Valerie Coleman. The improvisational style of her writing blends multicultural influences such as Flamenco, African tribal and Asian music into a cohesive work. It is challenging but wonderful, and something very different.

Recommended for: Grade 8+

Court Dances for Flute and Piano by Amanda Harberg

All three of these captivating dances have an improvisatory feel with Harberg showing her complete understanding of writing for the flute The Courante and Tambourin both have stylish rhythms and cascades of notes while the central Air de Cour is wonderfully expressive and free. Each movement can stand alone but play all three and your audience will love you even more!

Recommended for: Grade 8+

Infinity for Flute and Piano by Amanda Fox

This is such a great piece. Amanda is a wonderfully talented lady who plays both the flute and piano to a high standard so she knows exactly how to write for each instrument. It is essentially a jazz piece with a beautifully haunting melody leading into a rhythmically exciting and difficult central section. The melody then returns and the piece ends with a tremendous flourish. Challenging, but great to play.

Recommended for: Grade 8+







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