Five Brilliant Books for Busking at Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time of year for busking: classic Christmas songs and carols are sure to warm the hearts of every passerby.

Tchaikovsky arranged Jennifer Seubel: Nutcracker Suite for Two Flutes

Nutcracker Duets is spectacular crowd-pleaser for any Christmas event. The virtuosity of the flute parts will ‘wow’ audiences, while also providing tunes that people know and love. There is plenty of excitement and challenge in store for the flautist, from the double tonguing in the overture, to the lyrical melodies of the Waltz of the Flowers, to the large intervals and fast runs of the Chinese Dance. Success guaranteed! Difficulty Guide: 7-8

Christmas Songs for Classical Players for Flute and Piano

Christmas songs for Classical Players is a collection of beautifully tasteful arrangements. It comes with a piano part as well as a piano backing track, which is wonderful for the solo busker or performer. This book is the perfect choice for the classical flautist wanting to perform some classic Christmas hits; the pieces are sure to be enjoyed at any festive gigs, busking sessions or more formal Christmas concerts. Difficulty Guide: 4-6

Traditional arranged Coulthard: The Best Christmas Flute Duet Book Ever!

The Best Christmas Flute Duet Book Ever is a fantastic selection of Christmas tunes. If you are busking or performing at Christmas events, it is useful to have a substantial selection of material to work with so that you aren’t repeating yourself. This book offers 31 cheerful tunes, including fun Christmas pop songs like ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ as well as more traditional pieces like ‘In Dulci Jubilo’ . The arrangements are uncomplicated but charming: a joy for both the player and the listener. Difficulty Guide: 3-6

Traditional arranged Lawry and Degg: Christmas Jazz for Flute and Piano, Volume 1

Christmas Jazz for Flute will definitely catch the attention of people passing by! These modern twists on old favourites are arranged wonderfully: the accompaniments drive the rhythm and harmony, leaving the flute to sound fantastic over the top. Particular highlights in this volume are the old Hollywood ballade version of ‘Silent Night’, and the quirky, sleigh bell sprinkled ‘We Three Ships’. The written out improvisations will make you sound really professional – a budding jazzer’s perfect festive treat! Difficulty Guide: 4-6

Traditional arranged Power: Three’s a Crowd at Christmas for Three Flutes

Three’s A Crowd Christmas is a lovely choice if you are playing with friends. This is a more traditional option, featuring a comprehensive array of classic carols. The arrangements are elegantly conventional, allowing the timeless beauty of the melodies to shine through. This accessibility means that this book is perfect for a first-time busking, or it will be a sure-fire concert triumph for a range of abilities. Any lucky listener will be won over by the festive cheer! Difficulty Guide: 3-5





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