Five Fabulous Folky Finds!

Take yourself on a journey through the British Isles, with some of our most beautiful folk music.

Folk Tunes from the Women for Instrumental Solo

A beautiful book. It is important that a collection like this now exists, in a field that is largely male-dominated. The composer’s inspirations written alongside each tune allow the player get a feel for the meaning behind the music: emotions from celebration to sorrow are expressed through traditionally-rooted and contemporary styles. The tunes are complete with chord symbols, not to mention the stunning illustrations!

Traditional arranged McLearnon: ‘Round Ireland with a Flute: Favourite Irish Songs for Flute and Piano

Round Ireland with a Flute is a collection of exquisitely arranged Irish classics: from the contemplative ‘Carrickfergus’ to the exhilarating ‘Belfast Hornpipe’. The arrangements really capture the beauty in the tunes, with the flute part singing over atmospheric piano writing. A particular highlight is ‘Brian Boru’s March’, with its somewhat theatrical flute to piccolo transition, alongside a key change! You will find a crowd-pleaser for any occasion.

Traditional arranged Brambock: Celtic Flute Duets

This is a treasure trove of duets; the tunes are extremely fun to play, and to listen to. The arrangements are engaging: while they don’t stray too far from how we would expect the melodies to be presented, there are a variety of textures and atmospheres. Both flute parts are kept interesting, and the melody is shared between the parts. With tunes as beautiful as ‘My love is like a red, red rose’, and ‘The Foggy Dew’, how can you go wrong with this purchase?

Philippe Barnes: Irish Music on the Silver Flute

Irish Music on the Silver Flute is a perfect choice for classical flautists who are interested in learning to authentically play Irish Folk music. The book provides an excellent way to understand the fundamental characteristics of the genre, and how these can be conveyed in practice. Barnes explains various techniques and ornaments extremely clearly, and the provided tunes are brimming with style and spirit. A rewarding learning process!

Traditional arranged Sands: Scottish Folk Songs for Flute and Piano

This book presents a gorgeous array of Scotland’s folk tunes. They are elegantly arranged; the heart of Scottish folk music is conveyed beautifully through the traditionally classical instrumentation and writing style. The standard of the flute parts is between grades 3 and 5, but it could also be a great choice for players of higher standards: these well-loved melodies would go down wonderfully at events. Tunes like Loch Lomond are sure to bring a tear to the listener’s eye!






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