Five outstanding pieces to enhance your ARSM.

Take advantage of the own-choice option and broaden your repertoire with these stunners!

Palo Piatti: The Birds for Flute and Piano

These birds are having a party! They use latin rhythms to give a feel-good factor and fly around all over the place. A lyrical Andante sees them take a rest and the ending is literally off-beat as they seem to collapse exhausted. Written straightforward keys, this is best played with an easy technique, including nifty fingers and neat articulation, and a real sense of humour. It’s great choice for an early diploma or an encore. Difficulty Guide: Grade 8

Alphonse Catherine: Serenade Melancholique for Flute and Piano

Alphonse Catherine packs a great deal into this Serenade, which is by turns elegant, nostalgic and full of drama. A powerful opening theme alternates with a lilting Allegretto and there are twists along the way. Although it was written for the great Georges Barrere it is without huge technical challenges and a great way to get to know the unmistakable style of flute music in the early part of the twentieth century. It’s also a lovely piece of music! Difficulty Guide: 7-8

Halit Turgay: Aegean Whispers for Flute and Piano

This is a wonderfull piece! A rich mixture of the beguiling, the beautiful and the dramatic, it is also very well written.The flexible Andatino poco rubato alternates between the expressive and the impassioned, each becoming more intense as the writing develops. The closing Moderato Scherzando seems an extension of what has gone before and brings it all to a striking conclusion. A technical challenge of course but a manageable one, and there is also plenty to keep your pianist happy. It’s a real treat to play flute music as good as this! Difficulty Guide: 8-9

Amanda Fox: Infinity for Flute and Piano

Amanda is wonderful flute player and pianist so she knows exactly how to write for each instrument. Her popular style is mixed here with her love of Gaubert: a beautifully haunting melody leads into a rhythmically exciting central section full of cross-rhythms which drive the music forward. There is even a short cadenza in the best French Flute School style. The melody then returns and the piece ends with a tremendous flourish. A best-seller for very good reasons. Difficulty Guide: 8-9

Daniel Wood: Valse Caprice for Solo Flute

Written by a great flute player for a great female flute player, Vasle Caprice is just great! . Beautifully reflecting the style of the time,  it is by turn elegant, lyrical and virtuoso so if you have a good technique this is a serious choice for a diploma. It’s also brilliant to listen to. Perfect! Difficulty Guide: 8-9


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