Chris Hankin’s Mini Flute Workshops for Adults Repertoire List

This series of six mini workshops proved to be a great success. The following list highlights both the pieces I chose and the ideas put forward by the participants. This was a real team effort!

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Workshop 1: How to survive a crisis!

My List:

Bordogni arr Clark: Melodious Etudes for Flute

Robert Dick: Flying Lessons

Henner Eppel: Con espressione: 30 Expressive Studies from 19th and 20th Centuries

Tilman Dehnhard: The New Flute

Reichert : 7 Daily Exercises

Drouet: 25 Etudes Celebres

Moyse: 50 Variations on a theme by Bach

Hilary Taggart: In the Sun

Hilary Taggart: Pictures

Hilary Taggart: Nine Advanced Studies

Aleksey Igudesman: Magical Spells

Gary Schocker: Extreme Sports

 Durichen: Orchestral Probespiel

Torchio: Difficult Passages Volume 1

Torchio: Difficult Passages Volume 2

Play Hollywood: 10 Screen Classics for Flute and Piano

Ledbury: Big Chillers

Holcombe: Contemporary Flute Solos

Iveson: Let’s Face the Music

Galway and Mancini: In the Pink

Amanda Fox: Destiny 

 Amanda Fox: In the Clouds 

Amanda Fox: Infinity

Suggestions from Participants:

Adams and Harris: 76 Graded Studies Book 1

Adams and Harris: 76 Graded Studies Book 2

Vester: 125 Easy Classical Studies

Vester: 100 Classical Studies

Schubert: Six Lieder arranged for Flute and Piano

Bach arranged Porter: Six Cello Suites

Bozza: Fourteen etudes-arabesques.

Beeftink via YouTube: playalong with the score on YouTube.

Workshop 2: If you love French flute music try these.

A look at less familiar but equally gorgeous French flute music.

My List:

Georges Brun: Romance Op 41

Flute Solos from the Conservatoire edited by Martha Rearick

Lili BoulangerD’un matin de printemps

Henri Tomasi: Les Cyclades for solo flute with alto flute option.

Henri Tomasi: Complainte Danse de Mowgli

Henri Tomasi: Le Petite Chevrier Corse

Jolivet: Fantasie Caprice

Jacques Ibert: Jeux

Gounod: Concertino

Chaminade: Serenade des Etoiles.

Taffanel: Allegretto Scherzando and Allegretto Grazioso

Taffanel: Allegretto and Allegro

Suggestions from participants:

Louise Ganne: Andante et Scherzo

Flute Music by French Composers

Ibert: Piece (solo flute) 

 Ibert: Aria                                                      

Arrieu: Sonatine                                  

Aubert: Madrigal                          

Caplet: Reverie                                    

Faure: Piece                                      

Faure: Sicilienne                                      

Faure: Fantasie                                   

Debussy: 8 Pieces

Delibes/Massenet Three Original Pieces                   

Gaubert:  Madrigal                                   

Gaubert: Sicilienne                                 

Gaubert: Nocturne and Scherzando             

Meunier:  Au Crépuscule                           

Roussel: Joueurs de Flute                       

Roussel: Andante and Scherzo                   

Jolivet: Cabrioles              

Workshop 3: Keeping those fingers a-flapping!

A considered approach to technical exercises.

Geoffrey Gilbert and Angelica Floyd: The Gilbert Legacy

Moyse: Exercises Journaliers

Taffanel and Gaubert: 17 Daily Exercises

Trevor Wye: Omnibus

Paul Edmund Davis: The 28 Day Warmup Book

Reichert 7: Daily Exercises

Maquarre: Daily Exercises for the Flute

Clare Southworth: Sequentials

Gilbert: Technical Flexibility

Hunt: Scaling the Heights

Workshop 4: I have 10 minutes – flute or coffee?

How to organize your practice in a busy life.    

Wienzerl and Wachter: Fit in 15 minutes.

Henrik Svitzer: Flute Exercises Volume 1.

Roderick Seed: Mastering the Flute with William Bennett

Workshop 5: If you love Baroque Music try these.

Discover new gems by lesser known composers.

My List:

Handel: Fitzwilliam Sonata in B flat major

Jean-Baptiste Loeillet de Gant: Six Sonatas Op 5 Volume 2 No 4

Michel Blavet: Sonata Op 2 No 2 in D minor ‘La Vibray

Frederick the Great of Prussia: Sonata in B flat major Spitta No 76

Jean-Marie Leclair: Sonata in G major

Ana-Bon de Venezia: Sonata in C major Op 1 No 1

Other suggestions:

John Stanley: Sonatas for a German Flute Op 4

JB Loeillet de Gant: Sonata in B flat major

TA Vitali: Chaconne in D minor

Suggestions from participants:

Veracini: Sonatas

Albinoni: Various Oboe Concertos

Telemann: Sonata in F major

Couperin: Concerts Royeaux

CPE Bach: Hamburger Sonata

Marin Marias: Les Follies d’Espania for Solo Flute

Thomas Roseingrave: Sonata No 1 in A minor

Boismortier: Flute Sonatas

WF Bach: Flute Duets

Frederick the Great: Flute Quartet

Workshop 6: How to keep sounding more lovely!

Colour is everything!

Marcel Moyse: de la Sonorite

Marcel Moyse: Tone Development Through Interpretation

Marcel Moyse: 24 Petites Etudes Melodiques

Alison Myles: Inspiring Flute Tone

Robert Winn: Melodies: Musical Exercises for Tone and Interpretation

Phillipe Bernold: Le Technique d’Embouchure

Phillipe Bertold: Le Souffle, Le Son

Henrik Svitzer: Flute Exercises Part One

Clare Southworth: The Expression of Colour




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