Pieces to Play Before Taking Grade 6 Flute

There’s more to flute-playing than taking exams – these pieces will convince you to make space between the grades to explore new music.

Dargomyzhsky and Tchaikovsky arranged Olga Ivusheikova: Two Russian Pieces for Flute and Piano

This is a pairing of two very different but lovely pieces. Sweetheart by Alexander Darmgomyzhsky is spirited with a robust theme followed by two elegant variations, a short cadenza and an even shorter coda. It is a really appealing piece; while there is yet more charming music in the famous Russian Dance from Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky, where the melody is expressively decorated and followed by the Allegro. Uncomplicated and great to play – perfect.

Enrico Toselli arranged Alfred Piguet: Serenata for Flute and Piano

This lovely piece by Enrico Toselli takes you straight to Italy. A beautiful melody floats over an Alberti-bass style accompaniment as if it were strolling around the piazza in the late afternoon. Utterly charming.

Philippe Barnes: Trip to Pontivy for Flute and Piano

The Philippe Barnes way of playing Irish music is a true inspiration to all of us who want to be able to sound convincing in this style but lack the necessary genes. He makes it sound so laid-back, surely it’s easy? Perhaps not, but with a piece as good as this it’s going to be fun trying.

Gary Schocker: Such Sweet Sorrow for Flute and Piano

This is a really beautiful piece more remeniscent of Bach than Schocker himself. A lovely flowing melody over a simple accompaniment – enjoy!

Gabriel Pierne: Canzonetta for Flute and Piano

This is a gem of a piece which is full of playfulness and charm. A dancing melody is followed by a more dramatic passage which is in turn followed by a yearning melody before returning to the happiness of the opening. It’s absolutely lovely and would make a stunning encore.



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