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  • A “pressing” issue

    A “pressing” issue

    To press or not to press? That is the question for many flute players, especially in the early stages of learning, and there are a few different opinions on this which I would like to discuss and offer my own thoughts. When we are first taught the flute, we are told to blow across the…

  • RS 2012 Scale

    RS 2012 Scale

    RS 2012 is slightly different from the original Cooper Scale. As Cooper admitted, there was always room for improvement and this has now been done. That said, I am sure there will be corrections in the future, continuing Cooper’s work. The alterations are small, but to those with sensitive ears, they are significant when expressive…

  • In My Opinion

    In My Opinion

    For many years now there has been an issue in the British flute world that has been allowed to continue unchecked and I feel that is time that someone with a contrasting view voices an opinion.

  • Scales: An Incomplete Look at What Every Flutist Should Know

    Scales: An Incomplete Look at What Every Flutist Should Know

    What’s in a scale? More to the point, what’s in “the Cooper scale”? This short primer on scale—and why every flutist needs to understand its importance— includes a heartfelt appeal for the open information-sharing that defined the character of the late Albert Cooper.