Five celebratory flute choir works fit for a King!

Get ready for the Coronation with these great arrangements which will add splendour to any occasion.

God Save the King! arranged for Flute Ensemble by Alfie Pugh

Think how many times you could use this great arrangement of the National Anthem. It fits every situation as it works with or without alto flute and with large numbers. A must-have purchase that is a great investment too! Difficulty Guide: 4-6

Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance March No 1 arranged for Flute Choir by Matt Johnston

Elgar’s original blockbuster is expertly adapted for flutes by Matt Johnston to capture the spirit of the original and construct a piece that is simple to put together. Four good players will be able to perform this at short notice and if you have a larger mixed ability group it’s easy to double up the C parts to include as many players as possible. Perfect for regal and non-regal occasions everywhere! Difficulty Guide: 4-8

Handel: Royal Fireworks Suite Overture arranged for Flute Choir by Nora Kile

This is a great piece to have at the ready, should the appropriate occasion arise. The parts are readily accessible, it’s straightforward to put together and the result is a majestic and powerful arrangement that can be used time after time. Any excuse to celebrate! Difficulty Guide:5-7

Handel: The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba arranged for Flute Choir by Hans Martin Zill

This intelligent arrangement of the Queen of Sheba is just as exhilarating as the original. Making use of Handel’s ‘concerto grosso’ format, there is plenty of scope for soloists to shine which is great if you are using large mixed ability forces. This would make a wonderful opening to any concert and, if used as a finale, will send everyone home happy. Difficulty Guide: 6-8

Mozart: Alleluja from Exsultate Jubilate arranged for Flute Choir by Michael Axtell

There is something magnificently uplifting about this Mozart Alleluja, and all of his melodic and harmonic genius has been captured here. The first flute carries most of the tune and everyone will need tonguing agility to drive the music forward. This is clearly going to be more challenging for the alto and bass parts so it’s good to know it works with five C flutes too. This is absolutely two minutes of sparkling joy and will leave everyone feeling happy! Difficulty Guide: 5-7


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