Five Flute Bestsellers 2023.

Enjoy these five stellar highlights from 2023. Flute music at its best!

Peter Verhoyen: Peter’s Piccolo World Book One

Peter Verhoyen’s new piccolo book is fascinating. It’s very colourful with plenty of great illustrations to brighten up your practice. All the exercises are excellent, often using adapted orchestral extracts and there is a fresh approach to blowing which is covered comprehensively. The easy-to-access video clips for each important point are excellent and extremely helpful This is a wonderful book suitable for piccolo players everywhere! Difficulty Guide: 6-8

Eugene Magalif: Xenia for Two Flutes and Piano

This lovely duet starts with a poignant melody, becomes ever more passionate before closing as it began. From a practical angle the flutes are in rhythmic unison and close harmony throughout making it straightforward to perform. Musically it will break your heart. Difficulty Guide: 7

Philippe Barnes and Ryan Molloy: Into the Night for Flute and Piano

This piece has a mesmerizing quality for the listener. The lyrical flute melody is a joy to play for the flautist, and this is framed by rather delicate, ethereal piano writing. Ornaments are notated in a way that feels natural for the classical player, while there is also plenty of scope for additional ornamentation to be added in order to create a unique performance. ‘Into the Night’ would make a wonderful addition to your programme! Difficulty guide: 6-7

Chris Lawry and Keri Degg: Tales from the Cornish Coast for Flute and Piano

These six melodies are unmistakably Cornish. Wistful and sad, they conjure up vistas of windswept beaches and endless horizons. Each one has its own character and intermediate flute players will love the simplicity of the writing. The downloadable backing track are excellent too. You don’t have to love Cornwall to appreciate this. Difficulty Guide: 2-5

Mozart arranged Jeffrey Beyer: Twelve Duets for Flute and Alto Flute, K.487

Mozart’s duets K 487 were originally written for two horns so the darker colour of the alto flute really works in these excellent arrangements. They are delightful short vignettes with practical uses. They are great for beginner alto players, a group of several would make excellent concert material and they would be perfect for amateur get-togethers. Lovely to play and lovely to listen to! Difficulty Guide: 5-6




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