NFA New Music Competition: Selection of Flute and Piano Winners

Enjoy these five astonishingly good pieces and expand your horizons.

Stephane Vande Ginste: Sonata

This Sonata is worth the cover price for the second movement alone which is a beautiful mix of enigmatic melody and jazz-like harmonies. The outer movements are good too, with an opening scherzando full of syncopated energy and angular phrases, and a closing Tarantella. This is something different certainly. Difficulty Guide: 7-8

Ken Benshoof: BitterSweet

This atmospheric piece really holds your interest. Each section is a voyage of discovery leading you onto the next which is just around the corner. This is all held together by two contrasting themes representing the contrasting natures of the title. There is plenty of interaction between the flute and piano and some note bending which add interesting textures, and the flexibility in the  performance directions means there is plenty of scope to set your imagination free. Difficulty guide: 8-9

Jonathan Cohen: Springtide Exaltation

The narrative of bounding out into the spring sunshine is really captured in this happy piece. The outer sections have a catchy syncopated rhythm which is light and playful and the more lyrical middle part allows the flute to float above the accompaniment. This is lovely to play – enjoy! Difficulty Guide: 6

Tom Febonio: Quattro Canzoni

Each of these four lovely pieces is gentle and tuneful. Simply written, the flute meanders gracefully over supportive accompaniments which creates a feeling of calm and peacefulness. They are really laid-back so it’s good that each one would stand alone. Difficulty Guide: 5-6

Karen North (editor): Lyrical Flute Legends

This is an interesting book which will introduce intermediate players to a wide variety of musical styles. Arrangements of classic tunes and new pieces by contemporary composers is a very appealing mix and the progressive nature of the book ensures that it will have a long life. This something just that little bit different. Difficulty Guide: 3-5






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