Special music for early grades players

Ring the changes with these great albums that are sure to please.

Alfie Pugh: Dioramas Book 1 for Flute and Piano

This is a great book for young players just starting to develop their reading and flute playing skills. Each of these four pieces has a completely different character but all are written in easy keys with repeating melodies and a basic ternary structure. There are teaching points too, such as slurring into the middle register, 3/4 time, the dotted crotchet and quaver rhythm and using da capo. They’ll all love this book – and so will you! Difficulty Guide 1-3

Zoe Booth: Dinosaurs for Solo Flute with Piano

This is such a fun book for younger players! Aimed at the beginner to the slightly more experienced, the short melodies are packed with scary goodies. For example, Stegosaurus Stomp features low note tonguing, Brontosaurus Boogie is in 5/4 and Voracious Velociraptors has tricky syncopation and a wider range of notes. The number of dinosaur prints (Rex Rating) indicates the level of difficulty. Fearsome! Difficulty Guide 1-4

Mike Mower: Junior Musical Postcards for Flute

Young players will absolutely love this book which features tunes from around the world. Each one is pitched at an easy level with simple rhythms and a moderate range of notes and are always in the style of the music of that particular country. Add a great backing track and everyone is immediately transported. No travel? No problem – this book will take you wherever you want to go. Magic! Difficulty Guide 1-4

Hilary Taggart: Pop-Start for the Beginner Flautist with irresistible backing tracks

This is such a great publication! Each piece comes with an explanation of the new requirements and challenges. The first (Motor City) uses BAG and crotchets and minims, and by Twitterbug , the last track, you will need quavers and a note range up to C above the stave. There are 2 numbers in G minor and 1 in D major and although mostly written in 4 time, the rhythmic base is fairly straightforward. Invaluable! Difficulty Guide 1-2

Judith Pearce and Christopher Gunning: First Book of Flute Solos

There is a real diversity of styles in this imaginative compilation. The first piece ‘Woodsmoke’ is beautiful, with a simple melody using only B, A and G over a haunting accompaniment. Other original pieces such as the 5/4 ‘Elegy’ in D minor and ‘Poppy’ which will help G major scale practice add colour. The arrangements are sensitively pitched, becoming more difficult and always offering something new to maintain both interest and motivation, and there is a good sprinkling of traditional folksongs. This book has lost none of its interest over the years and with the musical pedigree of both Judith Pearce and Christopher Gunning excellent quality is assured! Difficulty Guide 1-4







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