Year: 2019

  • A “pressing” issue

    A “pressing” issue

    To press or not to press? That is the question for many flute players, especially in the early stages of learning, and there are a few different opinions on this which I would like to discuss and offer my own thoughts. When we are first taught the flute, we are told to blow across the […]

  • Powell Flute Serial Numbers

    Powell Flute Serial Numbers

    Below is a list of the serial numbers of handmade flutes produced by Verne Q Powell Flutes. Please note that this does not relate to ‘Commercial’ models. Serial Number(end of year) Year of Manufacture 26 1927 57 1928 110 1929 166 1930 190 1931 207 1932 221 1933 237 1934 258 1935 289 1936 331 […]

  • CITES Regulations of Wooden Instruments – Update

    CITES Regulations of Wooden Instruments – Update

    On 28 August 2019, the CITES Convention voted to exclude the trade of musical instruments from the list of controlled items. This is welcome relief for both customers and retailers, as it reduces both the cost of purchase and delivery times of both new and pre-owned instruments crossing borders. It also means that musicians travelling […]

  • Memorisation


    A blog on playing from memory! An excellent skill to develop with many benefits. Incentive Memorising a piece of music, a speech or poem is something that has obvious benefits, but often scares people as it takes away the comfort of having a script or score. I remember my primary (junior) school made all of […]

  • NFA 2019 Newly Published Music Competition Winners

    It’s that time of year again and the results of the 2019 National Flute Association Newly Published Music Competition are in! Here is our annual run-down of the winning titles by category. Flute Choir Winners Alexandra Molnar-Suhajda: Paths of Deeper Gold (Alry Publications) Editor’s Choice: Paths of Deeper Gold uses the large forces of a flute […]

  • Tonguing tips

    Tonguing tips

    Here are some of my thoughts on tonguing, with some exercises and information about the tongue itself. Tone The first step is to get the tongued notes as clear and full as one does without the tongue. It’s all about the airstream and not letting the tongue affect how the air travels out of the […]

  • Haynes Flute Serial Numbers

    Haynes Flute Serial Numbers

    This list is not completely accurate, as Haynes serial numbers are not necessarily in chronological order. For example, serial number 50,000 should have been made in 1995, but was actually made in 1988. As such, use this chart as a very rough guide only – if you need accurate information, contact Haynes directly. Serial Number […]

  • So you want to be a piccolo player?

    So you want to be a piccolo player?

    Buying a piccolo is so exciting! It may be small in size but it is a powerful instrument, and eventually, you will be able to dominate everything! It can also be a very beautiful instrument and – in the right hands – an utterly magical one.

  • Practising Scales

    Practising Scales

    For some people, the mere mention of “scales” leaves them feeling depressed, anxious or just confused! But since music is made up of scales and arpeggios, we should feel comfortable with them. Whenever I teach or play scales, I think it’s important to have a clear idea of why you are playing them. So why practise […]

  • Chaminade Concertino – Practice Tips

    Chaminade Concertino – Practice Tips

    Following on from my Taffanel blog, here is a practice guide for another great French work: Chaminade’s Concertino. This piece is played a lot, but quite often with some important details overlooked. As I say to my students, “don’t be an overlooker”! I will also give some tips for practising some of the tricky passages. […]